Boundary Dispute Resolution

landdisputeAll too often when landowners see a surveyor coming they start to fret that trouble is on the way. Perhaps from past experience, even when they have hired the surveyor themselves, they have been left with a boundary problem with their neighbor. Ancient status quo is upset.  Nobody is happy.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The surveyor is supposed to be an unbiased finder of facts. Those facts are collected and weighed, the tenets of boundary law applied, and an opinion rendered as to the location of a boundary. Sometimes this reveals a problem.

But a surveyor can be more than a problem “finder”. The surveyor can also be a problem “solver”.  I try to be a solver and not just a finder. Often this can be achieved by consultation and discussion with all parties involved. The relative facts can be laid out, the reason for the discrepancy explored, and suggestions made for resolving the problem.

While I do not offer legal advice or advocate for one solution over another, I can present the legal issues involved as they pertain to boundaries. This can lead to mediation of the dispute and a mutually agreeable, equitable solution.  I have found this to be a more positive outcome than people spending their time and treasure in a legal dispute and earning the undying enmity of their neighbor in the process.